The Ontario Air Practitioners Group

The Ontario Air Practitioners Group (Practitioners) are environmental professionals and representatives from the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) that have gathered from time to time to meet to informally discuss issues related to regulatory compliance.  The group has developed frequently asked questions and responses, guidance materials, and  best practice documents, provided a discussion forum and input for the practical aspects of regulatory compliance for S.9 approvals, O.Reg. 419/05 and other regulatory initiatives.  In our view this approach has proven useful to both Practitioners and the different branches within the MOE, and has positively affected the quality of work submitted to the MOE. 

 With over 100 active and corresponding representatives from consulting firms and industries whose day-to-day roles are heavily involved in the permitting process reporting and compliance, we are in a unique position to offer our combined experience to assist in developing effective and meaningful regulations and associated guidance materials.  Our members have literally hundreds of person-years of direct experience in Ontario environmental issues.

The recent initiative of a sub-group of the Practitioners has resulted in a set of nine (9) Frequently Asked Questions and replies developed with the MOE Approvals.  To the these FAQs, click here.

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