February 2015: Presentations

Here are the presentations from the February 2015 meeting:  If you have any questions, please email info@awma.on.ca  Click the links to receive the presentations.

Ontario Air Practitioners Group Meeting and Agenda

Presentations:  (note: your browser may download the presentation or pdf directly)

  1. Model Version Changes
  2. Modernization of Approvals
  3. Acoustic Issues: NPC300 & Screening Forms
  4. New Template for Limited Operational Flexibility


  1. Draft Technical Bulletine:  Combined Assessment of Modelled and Monitoring Results (CAMM) as an emissions rate refinement tool .
  2. Draft Technical Bulletin:  (O. REG. 419/05): Methodology for using "Assessment Values" for Contaminants with Annual Air Standards.
  3. Other Draft Technical Bulletins .
  4. Environmental Compliance Approval with Limited Operational Flexibility Template.
  5. FAQ.
  6. Mobile Source Modelling Assessments.

For the Ontario Regional Meteorological Data Sets - AERMET 14134, please click here. You will be taken to another page and you will be able to download individual data-sets based on geographic regions.