Ontario Regional Meteorological Data Sets - AERMET 14134

The AWMA Ontario Section would like to thank members of the Environmental Monitoring and Reporting branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, including Congtru Doam and Abby Salb, for processing and providing the following data sets.

Disclaimer: You are reminded that AERMOD and AERMET 14134 are not the regulatory model versions at the present time.  The data have been provided here for testing/evaluation purposes only.  As such, use of the regional meteorological data requires approval under section 7 of O.Reg. 419/05.  Request for approval should be submitted to MetDataENE@ontario.ca

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  1. IntFalls Crops
  2. IntFalls Forest
  3. IntFalls Urban
  4. London Crops
  5. London Forest
  6. London Urban
  7. Massena Crops
  8. Massena Forest
  9. Massena Urban
  10. Ottawa Crops
  11. Ottawa Forest
  12. Ottawa Urban
  13. Sudbury Crops
  14. Sudbury Forest
  15. Sudbury Urban
  16. Toronto Crops
  17. Toronto Forest
  18. Toronto Urban


February 2015: Presentations

Here are the presentations from the February 2015 meeting:  If you have any questions, please email info@awma.on.ca  Click the links to receive the presentations.

Ontario Air Practitioners Group Meeting and Agenda

Presentations:  (note: your browser may download the presentation or pdf directly)

  1. Model Version Changes
  2. Modernization of Approvals
  3. Acoustic Issues: NPC300 & Screening Forms
  4. New Template for Limited Operational Flexibility


  1. Draft Technical Bulletine:  Combined Assessment of Modelled and Monitoring Results (CAMM) as an emissions rate refinement tool .
  2. Draft Technical Bulletin:  (O. REG. 419/05): Methodology for using "Assessment Values" for Contaminants with Annual Air Standards.
  3. Other Draft Technical Bulletins .
  4. Environmental Compliance Approval with Limited Operational Flexibility Template.
  5. FAQ.
  6. Mobile Source Modelling Assessments.

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